Friday, January 24, 2014

Follow Compassion Bloggers in Uganda next week

Compassion Bloggers (including Wess Stafford, President and CEO of Compassion International) are traveling to Uganda next week to visit Compassion centers and spend time with the kids.  For the first time as a blogger team trip, they have a goal of capturing the hearts of 400 individuals or families that will commit to sponsor a child.  I wanted to encourage my readers to follow this trip - whether you sponsor children through Compassion or not.  The bloggers going on this trip write amazing, inspiring and challenging posts.  You can follow the trip here at Compassion Bloggers. Maybe God will work on your heart to sponsor a child - it is a small thing that we can do that has huge impact.

"In hopes of changing the world, don't obsess about something earth-shattering.  Be faithful in the small things - especially the small things.  Why?  Because even the small things really matter"  - Eugene Cho
Our family sponsors 2 children in Africa - a boy in Tanzania and a girl in Kenya.  When we traveled to Africa 3 years ago as a family, we had the amazing experience of spending a day with our sponsored child, Ndiga, in Nairobi.  Compassion International worked out all the travel and brought Ndiga from her village to where we were staying while serving with another ministry.  It was one of the most amazing experiences for our family - you can read more about this day on my post "A Day With Ndiga".  

Photo of our family with our Compassion Child in Nairobi, Kenya

If you ever question whether child sponsorship really works, I encourage you to read the report below.  An organization did a huge study on sponsoring children around the world and asked many organizations to join in the study.  It is my understanding that only Compassion was willing to be a part of the study.  The results were awesome and so encouraging.  I could not be prouder of supporting this organization and the children that they are serving.  I have linked to the post on Compassion's website, but there are many links to this study if you google "Does International Child Sponsorship Really Work".

"Does International Child Sponsorship Work?"

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